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Merging Tradition & Innovation

Preserving and Accelerating traditional craftsmanship and heritage through leveraging cutting edge Technology like AI, 3D, AR & VR to create new and immersive Product Experiences and Spatial Commerce activations.

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We believe the true essence and what makes a garment stand out is the Fabric, the pattern! This is where the story is told, woven into thread..

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Bespoke, on-demand HYBRID (Digital+Physical) fashion


A collection celebrating the "craftsmanship" of a region and nation in turmoil. "SEVEN" by RAIYA is inspired by original, traditional Palestinian and Jordanian embroidery (Tatreez), re-purposed for a luxurious, modern and global look. An ode to the beauty in heritage that unites!
Bespoke and produced on-demand, upon order. The embroidered textiles will be both hand and machine crafted by local Jordanian communities of craftswomen, including refugees, supporting government and NGO initiatives.
Each piece includes a digital twina rare collectible and passport ensuring transparency, provenance, and authenticity—alongside a physical garment for real-life wear. 
Most of garments are one-of-one, or one of a limited number. All garments are made to order and will take 4-8 weeks to be produced, along with the shipping time.

SEVEN by RAIYA (Limited Edition T-Shirts)

Our premium, sustainably crafted T-shirts, embroidered with precision, grant access to our world...