Training & Workshops

Generative AI is reshaping the Creative Industry.

"73% of Fashion Executives are prioritising Generative AI in 2024"

(BoF- Mckinsey)

Integrating a deep understanding of Generative AI into creative education and creative roles is imperative. It empowers students and designers, providing them with a distinctive advantage future-proofing their skills, and ensuring they are well prepared for the demands of the industry. This awareness not only enriches their educational experience, but also positions them at the forefront of innovation in the dynamic and evolving landscape of the creative field.

AI empowers a more inclusive and innovative creative landscape through:

- Democratising Creativity and access to tools and resources.

- Enabling Rapid Storytelling & Conceptualisation.

- Enhancing Human Creativity & Craftsmanship.

- Facilitating Virtual Prototyping.

- The need for less physical production, supporting Sustainability efforts.

- Merging Digital and Traditional approaches.

We are active in education around AI, sharing our "Craftnology" creative framework, and the integration of Genrative AI into creative workflows. Our mission is to up-skill and empower the next wave of creators on both the traditional (physical) and digital spectrums in craftsmanship and fashion.

We run workshops and training sessions, for groups as well as one-to-one mentoring for students, schools, universities, brands, agencies, designers, artisans, etc.

The goal is to encourage the use of AI as a creative assistant to increase work efficiency as well as provide skill enhancement to ultimately create new streams of revenue.