Collection: SEVEN by RAIYA (Limited Edition T-Shirts)

Our premium, sustainably crafted T-shirts, embroidered with precision, grant access to our world of Craftnology and the wider collection (dresses, jumpsuits, trousers).
Inspired by traditional Palestinian and Jordanian embroidery (Tatreez), each piece from our collection reflects the beauty and heritage that unites. These one-of-one garments are made exclusively for you, offering bespoke fashion with real social impact. By combining luxury, innovation, and philanthropy, our products are a celebration of artistry and a support to local communities of craftswomen and refugees in Jordan.
Join us in a fashion revolution that transcends trends, leaving a lasting impact on both style and society.

Each piece includes a digital twina rare collectible and passport ensuring transparency, provenance, and authenticity—alongside a physical garment for real-life wear. 
The garments are one-of-one, made to order and will take 3-8 weeks to be produced. Along with the shipping time.