Raya Khalifeh


As a textiles and fashion designer, my mission is to seamlessly merge traditional and digital craftsmanship using cutting-edge technology. I strive to create a unique fusion of luxury, innovation, and philanthropy, transcending short-lived trends and hype cycles. Committed to making a lasting impact, I prioritize social responsibility and sustainability, ensuring a harmonious balance between the worlds of artistry and technology.
Born and raised in Jordan, my journey started with a solid foundation of rich cultural heritage that instilled in me the love for the exquisite art of embroidery. A love that continuously informs my creative spirit with a deep passion for the intricate detail found in traditional craftsmanship, the harmonious blend of colours, the varying textures and the mesmerising patterns that not only look fascinating but also invite us to experience a story told in luscious colour and form.
As a graduate of the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London), I experienced a significant career boost early on. Showcasing my work at the V&A museum in London and gaining valuable experience at Alexander McQueen. Following which, I specialised in bespoke couture, crafting unique pieces for clients.
In more recent chapters of my journey, I ventured into the tech and Web3 space, contributing to the growth of a marketing tech start-up. It was here that I was first introduced to the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Subsequently, I launched a luxury activewear brand, immersing myself in the dynamic and sustainable field of on-demand production.
My peculiar mix of experiences converged to shape and bring RAIYA to life. Here, I found a perfect fusion of luxury, innovation, culture and philanthropy—a culmination of my journey from traditional craftsmanship to the cutting edge of technology.
The fusion of my Jordanian heritage with my global fashion background is a defining feature of my work. Through fully embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence in my creative process, I found a way to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation. This harmonious blend allows me to preserve the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship while multiplying its impact, creating designs that transcend geographic boundaries. By incorporating AI into my workflow, I can effectively unleash a wave of design variations, styles, and creativity, rooted in brand DNA.
I am based in Ascot, UK and currently expanding textile production to Jordan, supporting local communities of craftswomen and refugees.
As I venture on the next phase of my journey, launching "SEVEN by RAIYA" and being actively involved in education, sharing the "Craftnology" framework to empower the next generation of designers and creators, I carry with me a richness of cohesion and inspiration, weaving it seamlessly into the fabric of the brand. Fuelling its growth, and soon expanding access to the supply chain and fostering a Hybrid Creative Industry that transcends boundaries and promotes innovation.
With every stitch, I invite you to experience the grandeur and beauty, transforming cultural heritage into timeless, wearable art.
With Love,

Raya X