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Middle Eastern Tatreez Inspired Fabric

Middle Eastern Tatreez Inspired Fabric

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Middle Eastern inspired, richly coloured, intricate needlepoint, cross-stitch pattern. The design features a symmetrical, ornate arrangement of floral and geometric motifs in vibrant shades of pink, blue, orange, green and white against a dark background. The craftsmanship and complexity of the fabric is inspired by traditional, ethnic textile patterns of Middle Eastern influences. The Pattern is densely stitched, showcasing a high level of detail and skill.

- Includes:

  1. Fabric Image
  2. PBR Maps:
  • Base Colour Map
  • Height Map
  • Metalness Map
  • Normal Map
  • Roughness Map

Once purchased we'll send over the files and license.


  • Individual and Commercial use.
  • Non-exclusive rights.
  • IP ownership of products using the fabric.
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